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Lou Fellingham

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Original Key: A

Tempo: 0

Intro: A5 Bm A F#m A Bm A A2/G# F#m7 Esus4/D A D2 Bm A F#m7 Asus4 Verse 1: A F#m7 Speak, for I am list'ning, shake my inner being D2 A A/G# Wake my soul to answer my creator A F#m7 Talk, you have my focus, sing, your songs of freedom D2 A E/G# Bring your word of life to feed my soul Pre-Chorus: D2 A5 D2 Esus4 Holy God fall afresh on us we pray D2 A/C# D2 Esus4 Spirit move as we come to seek Your face Chorus: E A Amaj7 F#m7 For we are thirsty for You, we're longing to meet You anew Esus4 D2 Asus4 A A Amaj7 Nothing else compares, nothing else comes close to knowing You [1.] [2.] Intro: Verse 2: A F#m7 Turn my heart to see You, still my mind to hear You D2 A A/G# Fill my life and show Your power through me A F#m7 D2 Lord, my arms are open, faith is rising as I wait A E/G# My hope and strength are now renewed Chorus 2: D/E A Asus4 A F#m Spirit, come fill this place, we need Your pow'r, we need Your grace Esus4 D D2 A Asus4 Come and show Your love, come and breathe on us, and have Your way Tag: D A D Bm7 E2 Holy God fall afresh on us we pray D A D Esus4 A Spirit move as we come to seek Your face
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