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Thine Be The Glory Chords

Rend Collective

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 155

Chorus: Am C Thine be the glory, Dm7 F Risen and conq'ring Son; Am G/B C Endless is the victory Dm7 F Thou, o'er death, has won. Am G Dm7 Em Am G Dm Em [2/3] You won, You won, You won an overwhelming victory. Verse 1: Dm F C G/B Make us more than conquerors, Dm F Am Through Thy deathless love; Dm F C G/B Am Bring us safe through Jordan, F Am7 G To Thy home above. Verse 2: Let the church with gladness Hymns of triumph sing, For her Lord now liveth; Death has lost its sting. Mid section: Am G Em F Am G Cmaj7 F Am C69 Dm11 F69 Am C You have won, You have won, Dm7 F69 Risen Son, conq'ring Son. (Repeat 4 times) Am7 Cmaj9 Dm9 Fmaj9 Am G Cmaj7 F Thine be the glory!