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Waiting Here For You Chords

Martin Smith

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 64

Verse 1: C If faith can move the mountains Am Gsus4 Let the mountains move; C We come with expectation, Am Gsus4 We're waiting here for You, C Am Gsus4 Waiting here for You. Verse 2: C You're the Lord of all creation Am Gsus4 And still You know my heart; C The Author of Salvation, Am Gsus4 F You've loved me from the start. Chorus: C Waiting here for You, Dm7 Am G7sus4 F2 F F2 With our hands lifted high in praise, C Dm7 And it's You we adore, Am7 G7sus4 Am7 G7sus4 C Am Gsus4 C Am Gsus4 1. Singing al - le - lu - ia. Am7 G7sus4 Am G7sus4 F F Am G 2. 3. Singing al - le - lu - ia. [Repeat] Verse 3: C You are everything You've promised, Am Gsus4 Your faithfulness is true, C And we're desperate for Your presence, A Gsus4 F All we need is You. Tag: F Am G Allelu - ia. (4 times) Coda: Am7 G7sus4 Am7 G Singing al - le - lu - ia. F Am7 G Singing allelu - ia. (Repeat as required) F Am7 G F C Singing allelu - ia, luia.
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