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We Are One Chords

The City Harmonic

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: G Ash to ash, dust to dust, Gsus2 we live and die. Em7 But in the Son, in the Son, C we are alive. G All for one, all for one, C/G from every tongue and tribe. Em7 In Jesus crucified, C D 'cause Jesus is alive C now, once, and for all time. Chorus: G C Em7 We are one, we are all for One. C G C Em7 All for Jesus, Jesus, once for all, C G to the glory of the One True God. Verse 2: G King of kings, Lord of lords, Gsus4 'til kingdom come. Em7 In the end, in the end, C God, all in all. G He will be everything, Am7 everything to everyone, Em7 when death is finally done, C D and victory is won C once, and for all of us. Mid section: C D7sus4 We won't be moved, we're standing tall; G once of the dust, now of the Son. Dsus4 D All life and death, and what's to come, Em G2/B belong to Christ and Christ to God. C D7 So here we stand, hands lifted high; G the very hands and feet of Christ. Dsus4 D No holding back, no wasting time, Em D7sus4 we'll live for love, for