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When All Your Mercies Chords

Nathan Jess, David André Østby | average from reviews

Original Key: Em

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
Em                        D/F#   G
    When all Your mercies, O  my God,
    Am         G/B   C
My rising soul surveys,
Em                        D/F#  G
     Transported with the view, I'm lost
   Am           G/B  C
In wonder, love and praise.

Verse 2:
Em                     D/F#   G
    To all my weak complaints and cries,
     Am         G/B  C
Your mercy lent an  ear,
Em                    D/F#     G
    Before my feeble thoughts had learned
   Am              G/B  C
To form themselves in  pray'r.

    Am               Em         C
        For all Your mercies, O my God,
            G                D
    They're falling like the rain,
            Em               C   G
    They're falling like the rain.
    Am          Em              C
        My ever grateful heart, O Lord,
         G            D
    Your mercy shall adore,
         Em           C   G        Em  D/F#   G   Am  G/B  C
    Your mercy shall adore. [1. 4.]

Verse 3:
Em                           D/F#  G
    Oh, how shall words with e  -  qual warmth
    Am        G/B   C
The gratitude declare,
Em                       D/F#  G
    That glows within my ravished heart?
    Am          G/B   C
But You can read it there.