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When I Found Jesus Chords

Steph Macleod

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Original Key: Db

Tempo: 0

{Verse 1} Db When I found Jesus, He was holding onto me Broken, I couldn't stand up on my feet With a word He broke my chains I was free to breathe again My life was saved by the loving blood of Jesus {Verse 2} Db Dbsus4 Ab/C Db When I found Jesus, He was standing over me Gb Db I was down and out and living on the streets Gb There were times I could have died Db Bbm But the Lord was by my side Ab Adim7 Bbm Gb I didn't know I'd been saved by the blood of Jesus Bbm Ab Gb He took the weight off my shoulders Gb Bbm Ab Gb And came and gave me rest, He came and gave me rest Bbm Ab Gb Gave me peace from my troubles Absus4 Ab Lord, I have been blessed {Verse 3} Db Ab/C Db When I found Jesus, He was walking next to me Gb Db On a lonely path of a man-made destiny Gb He must have looked into my my eyes Db Bbm Saw the tears and heard my cries Ab Adim7 Bbm Gb For where I stood I was saved by the blood of Jesus {Bridge} Ebm Ab Db Ab Gb Fm The empty promises of the world had forsaken me Ebm Ab Bbm Ab Gb Left me in the wilderness, it was Jesus who rescued me Bbm Ab Gb He called my name Db/Ab Ab One touch from the King of kings changes everything {Instrumental} Db Ebm/Db Db Gb Db Gb Db Ab/C Bbm Ab Gb {Verse 3} Db Ab/C Db When I found Jesus, He was heavy on my heart Gb Db I was lost for words, didn't know where to start Gb But I know that I believe Him Db Bbm I know I have received Him Ab Adim7 Bbm Fm/Ab Gbmaj7 My sins are paid by the loving blood of Je - sus! Bbm Fm/Ab Gbmaj7 When I Found Je - sus Db Dbmaj7 Gbmaj7 Db Dbmaj7 Gbmaj7 When I Found Jesus When I Found Jesus Db Dbmaj7 Gbmaj7 Db Everything Changed
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