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When I'm Sad (Your Love Never Changes) Chords

Becky Drake

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: D A/C# When I'm sad, when I'm low, Bm7 D/A When I feel far from You, G A7sus4 D A7sus4 You hold my hand. D A/C# When I'm tired, when I'm weak, Bm7 D/A When there's no words to speak, G A7sus4 D You understand. Chorus: Bm G God, Your love never changes, D A God, Your love never ends. Bm G God, Your love always comforts, D A God, Your love never fails Bm As the sun comes up, G A7sus4 A As the sun goes down on me, God, Your love. D G D/F# A D G D/F# A [1. to Verse 1] [2. End] Verse 2: D A/C# I am Yours, You are mine; Bm7 D/A Held by You for all time. G A7sus4 D A7sus4 I'm known by You. D A/C# Help me know, help me see Bm7 D/A How much You have loved me. G A7sus4 D I'm made for You. [to Chorus]