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You Were You Are (Can't Contain) Chords

Ryan Griffith

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Original Key: A

Tempo: 120

Verse 1: A D2/F# Highest heavens, sunset sky, Esus4 Ocean deep and mountain high E D2 Sing Your praises and cannot tame You. Verse 2: A D2/F# Every nation, tribe and tongue; Esus4 Every creature and living thing E D2 Bow before You and can't contain You. Bridge: D2 E How mighty are Your ways, D2 E How awesome is Your Name, D2 F#m A Esus4 E Your glory cannot be contained. Chorus: A A/C# You were, You are, You always will be D2 First, the Last, You're so amazing E A/C# D E Glorious God of everything. F#m You're far beyond all understanding, A Measureless in all Your glory; Esus4 E A/C# God You were, You are, You'll always be. D E A A/C# Dmaj7 Esus4 A A/C# Dmaj7 Esus4 Verse 3: A D2/F# For Your glory, for Your fame, Esus4 Every knee will bow at the name E D2 Of King Jesus, confessing You as Lord. Mid section: D/F# E D/F# E Even rocks cry out, even rocks cry out, D/F# E A Even rocks cry out Your praise. [Repeat]
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Bible References

  • - Philippians 2:10
  • - Philippians 2:11
  • - Revelation 22:12
  • - Revelation 22:13

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