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You Will Be Praised Chords

Darlene Zschech

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Original Key: Eb

Tempo: 0

Intro: Cm Ab Eb x2 Verse 1: Ab Bb Eb Ab Bb Eb Though I walk through darkest valleys, there's no fear for You are with me Ab Bb Cm Ab Bb Eb You have held me through the fire, Jesus, You are here with me Ab Bb Eb Ab Bb Eb Even when my heart grows weary, You are my hiding place Ab Bb Cm Ab Bb Eb And Your kindness draws me closer, I will rest here in Your strength Chorus: Cm Ab Eb You will be praised, You will be praised Cm Ab Eb Through ev'ry storm You will remain Eb/G Cm Ab Eb In death and in life I'll not be afraid F Ab Eb In joy or in pain You will be praised Verse 2: Ab Bb Eb Ab Bb Eb Here with You, my cup runs over, You are ev'ry - thing I need Ab Bb Cm Ab Bb Eb There is nothing like Your presence, still You are the song I sing Ab Bb Eb Ab Bb Eb/G For You have been my portion, You are my hiding place Ab Bb Cm Ab Bb Eb When this earthly fight is over, only heaven's joy remains Bridge: Bb Eb/G Ab Bb Eb/G Ab Oh, my soul will praise, in the darkest of nights; oh, my soul will praise Bb Eb/G Ab Bb Eb/G Ab Oh, I will bless Your Name, with all of my strength, I will bless Your Name [Repeat]
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